Development, Livelihood and Empowerment: Towards a Sustainable Paradigm based on micro-level Reflections of Decentralization and Peoples Planning in Kerala, Tellicherry 2008

The present book is an attempt in examining the micro-level processes and impact in the implementation of the decentralized governance through people’s planning in Kerala, identifying in it a kind of silent revolution among the people of Kerala, notwithstanding the constraints and limitations in the process. Based on the insights, the book provides a new Livelihood-Empowerment framework, countering the materialistic development orientation, and contributing to the sustainable development paradigm.

The book would be useful to the anthropologists, sociologists, economists, political scientists and other social scientists, and all those who are interested in the issues of development, decentralized planning, livelihood and empowerment, participatory approaches, women and weaker sections. It would particularly be a valuable source of reference for students of Development Anthropology, Development Sociology, and Applied Economics, and for students of political science especially with particular reference to Decentralized Governance.