Indian Constitution, Education and Minorities in Kerala, Tellicherry 2009

The book focused on a few relevant issues of current debates. The educational rights of the minorities are elucidated by a group of thinkers and legal experts through a thorough examination of the constitutional provisions, court verdicts and acts. From the very beginning of the formal education in the state of Kerala, different religious minorities, congregations, and individual made efforts to accelerate the process of spreading the light of knowledge across the state, irrespective of caste, creed and gender. Therefore, the significant role played by the minority institutions in the overall education development in the state is brought out by succinctly by using historical evidences. The higher education scenario, particularly, self-financing stream, is subjected for heated debates in the present contexts of administrative reforms. The implications of the reforms, dimensions of the issues and practical solutions are brought to the limelight by educationalist from the state. The collection of articles in the present volume is proposed to serve as reference book for the educational institutions, administrators and students in the history of education in Kerala.