Indian Ocean and European Bridgeheads: Festschrift in Honour of Prof. Dr. K. S. Mathew, Tellicherry 2001

The volume is a tribute to the great service rendered to historiography by one of the most outstanding historians of our times. Prof. Dr. K.S. Mathew, who is celebrating his sixty-second birthday this year. His colleagues, friends, students and admirers all over the world have made use of this opportunity to express their solidarity with him by contributing scholarly articles, which make this volume a rich collection of research papers on lndo-European history, for which Prof. Mathew has spent his whole life-time and continues to do so. “The Portuguese”, “Indian Ocean” and “European expansion” form the three major thematic areas on which he concentrated his academic researches for more than three decades and hence the Facilitation volume has taken this wider thematic frame. Most of the articles are by renowned historians who are part of the new historiographical school which tries to explode the various myths regarding the European expansion in the East and attempts to reconstruct the European activities in India in an objective and scientific way, where lndo-centric dimensions are given the focus.