Tradition, Migration and Transformation: Agrarian Migration to Wayanad A Socio-Historical Study 1928-2000, Tellicherry 2011

The migration of human beings from one location to another is a common phenomenon in the world since the beginning of mankind. The present book illustrates the migration of farmers from the erstwhile princely state of Travancore to Wayanad, a Taluk in British Malabar. Though the poor subsistence agriculturists suffered great hardships from climate, malaria, wild animal and so on, they transformed the destiny of entire Malabar in all aspects within a couple of decades. The present study helps to explode some of the myths and misconceptions perpetuated by writers of vested interests regarding forest depletion, introduction of new crops, naxal movement and migrant tribal interaction.

The unique intervention migrants in the society of Wayanad transformed the outlook of natives and tribal people alike. Apart from providing historical information on Wayanad this work gives vivid account of development of new agriculture, education and infrastructure of Wayanad. The present volume is not only a valuable addition to existing literature on migration but also it enlightens the academic, students and general readers.